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2017 Apple Season – A most welcome bountiful apple season

We offer a superb crops of apples this year. An ideal Spring and lots of crop load management has produced an excellent crop. Our season began in late August with our Paula Red and Ginger Gold apples and will continue until late October/early November with our late Fall varieties. We have over 25 varieties during the season including several heirloom varieties. We press our own all-natural, unpasteurized sweet cider blend on Friday each week throughout the Fall. Call ahead to reserve cider in larger quantities.

Apples available week of Oct. 22, 2017
Baldwin, Blushing Golden, Candy Crisp, Empire, Golden Russet, Honeycrisp, Idared, Jonagold, Macoun,Mutsu, McIntosh, Newtown Pippin, Northwest Greening, Rhode Island Greening, Spigold, Spitzenberg and Stayman Winesap

Our own fresh-pressed all-natural sweet cider blend, as well as pure Macoun cider and pure Honeycrisp cider

Apple Prices

Pre-bagged Prices   Pre-bagged Premium Varieties
      (Honeycrisp & Macoun)    
½ peck $9.00   ½ peck $12.00    
1 peck $14.00   1 peck $18.00    
½ bushel $24.00   ½ bushel $30.00    
Utility Bags (Great for sauce and cooking)
½ bushel $12.00          
Pick-Your-Own Prices        
1 peck $13.00 (minimum PYO size)  
½ bushel $20.00  
1 bushel $38.00  
Midweek Special        
PYO bushel $30 on Tuesday and Wednesday only
Whitney Crabapples  
Available picked for jelly-making and decorations.  
1 quart $4.00  
½ peck $10.00  
Cider donuts and apple pies and apple galettes on weekends.
Carboys and cider barrels filled for cider makers
Our own fresh-pressed, unpasteurized sweet cider blend